Bitcoin Traded Funds


Crypto Index Funds with Bitcoin as Base Currency.

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Hello, We Are Blockchain Intelligence.

We are convinced that Bitcoin will become the global reserve currency in the future, and created Bitcoin.TF - Bitcoin Traded Funds.
To invest in the growth of the entire cryptocurrency market, we have invented index funds that invest in the major cryptocurrencies based on Bitcoin.

- How to invest in BTF -

Step 1

Investor Registration

As a first step, investors contact us for registration.

Step 2

Investment Consultation

Understand the product description and select the BTF funds that suits you.

Step 3

Bitcoin deposit

Transfer the bitcoins to be invested into the wallet of BTF.

Step 4

Check BTF Funds

You can check BTF fund management performance in real time.

What We Do

pure cryptocurrency
index funds!

Only pure bitcoin

We do not handle fiat currencies. We invest in the cryptocurrency market with Bitcoin as the base currency. The return on investment is also shown in Bitcoin.

Entire crypto market

Invest in the entire cryptocurrency market based on Bitcoin's base currency. Starting with the Top 10 index funds, we plan to launch index funds that invest in the entire market.

Competitive Fees

For passive funds, we only charge minimal fees. In the case of active funds, when there is a return on investment, we charge fees.

Artificial intelligence

We optimize portfolio management and exchange trading for index funds with the aid of artificial intelligence.

Bitcoin TF

BTF: An index fund consisting of Bitcoin and the major cryptocurrencies.

It is a fund with a strategy that tracks the cryptocurrency index as it is.

It is a fund that is actively managed by rebalancing portfolios for optimal returns according to its own AI algorithm.

We aim for optimal trading efficiency
through major exchanges.

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BTF (Bitcoin Traded Funds) are suitable funds for investors who believe in the growth potential of cryptocurrency technology and want to make long-term investments in the entire market.